There Will Be Fire Launched....At Last!

AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! WE FINALLY DID IT! We finally released our much anticipated new film clip for our new single ‘There Will Be Fire’. After 7 years of toil, we finally released ‘There Will Be Fire’ over two shows last the weekend at Hotel Westwood in Footscray, Melbourne. Thank you to all who attended, and it was encouraging to see so many kids there for the family matinee. Metal and live music is in good hands. So grab yourself a glass of mead and a leg of lamb, and sit back and enjoy the cinematic excellence of Barbarion & Sticky Productions. Enjoy! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

Gig Update

Another month, another Covid related delay. Well, you'll be glad to know that come hell or highwater we will be forging ahead with our video clip launch. 7 years in the making and we are ready to roll! New dates on Friday 25th March with a matinee added for Saturday 26th March. Click the link below to get your tickets!

Back in Action

After a sluggish year of COVID-19 we are proud to say we are back bigger and better than ever. We successfully completed an all-ages Matinee performance at The Workers Club where we gave the children a lesson in rock that can only be presented by half naked men in their 40's! Keep an eye out for upcoming shows, we will have plenty to announce.

No upcoming gigs

Barbarion is a heavy metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The 7 members came together in 2007 and started performing in 2008.

Since then, Barbarion’s extraordinary stage shows and catchy songs have been steadily winning over Australian audiences. Barbarion always delivers a highly entertaining and theatrical performance. The shows incorporate fire, smoke, skulls, weapons and other battle/heavy metal themed props. On top of this, each member brings to the stage their own barbaric identity, inspired by barbarians from various times and places - leather, flesh, fur, war paint, helmets,drinking horns – it’s all there and the resulting spectacle is not soon forgotten. The band consists of a larger than life frontman, three hairy guitarists, bass and drums. The music appeals to metal and non-metal fans alike. It is entertaining and uplifting and draws from traditional champions of metal and hard rock such as Iron Maiden, Manowar, Megadeth, Accept and AC/DC.

In 2014 the band was reduced to 6 members when 'larger than life' front man Frankie Gionfriddo left the band. This, along with the consistent addition of progeny

to the majority of the remaining members slowed progress down in the latter part of the 2010's,however, in 2020 recording started on their new album and they put the finishing touches on their brand new film clip for "There wil be fire". A tour of Japan was planned for October 2020, however, due to that pesky Coronavirus the it will have to wait until 2021.

Notable moments in Barbarion’s recent history include: playing the Big Day Out Australian tour, Meredith Music Festival and Boogie Music Festival (all 2011), supporting international touring bands Alestorm (2013), Andrew WK (2011), Pulled Apart By Horses (2011) and Jeff the Brotherhood (2010); the release of their debut music video, 'My Rock' (2011), appearing on the Australian music trivia show 'Spics and Specs (2012 & 2014), releasing their most comprehensive album to date ‘Ram The World’ (2013) and completing their first successful tour of Europe (2013). Barbarion have played many successful club show in Australia and have built a reputation for entertaining, participative performances. You certainly won’t forget the first time you saw Barabrion.


Myles Tauchert


Chris Evans


Chris Garcia


Hugh Kendall


Yuri Pavlinov


Richard Kelly


Ram the World (2013)
AAAAARRGGHHH!!!!!! (2011)
Feast On The Beast (2008)

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